Sorry (Track Four)

Wassup ya’ll!

I know I’m a week behind with the That Damn Myleeza podcast. My guests last week (Meagan and Cherese) flopped on me, so I missed a week. But I’m back and I’m back at a very sad time if you’re a Kim Kardashian fan.

On this week’s podcast, I discuss the KKW and Jeffree Star situation. I give my honest opinion without holding anything back. I reveal how I felt when the situation first happened and I also reveal how I currently feel towards Kim. Lastly, I answer questions that you asked for Ask Myleeza.

The podcast uploads may decrease to once a month or once every 3 weeks since I’m starting grad school on Monday. Sorry guys but the girl tryna hit the books and collect some COINS. Okurrrrr!

As always, let me know what you think about the podcast by tweeting me, @MyleezaKardash. Thanks for listening! I appreciate all the love and feedback!


Logging out,